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Working on a Plan

Right now I am working on a future plan to earn a small amount of money once I get back on Social Security Disability. I know that I am going to need to stay somewhat busy without exceeding the substantial gainful activity threshold and that is going to be difficult to do in a traditional job. It just occurred to me that I might be able to work a contract job. I learned today about something called HopDrive which might fit the bill.

Basically, HopDrive is a company that provides vehicle transportation services to dealerships under contract. This would be a perfect gig for me to do on a very part time basis. I have a clean driver’s license and if I could work one or two days a week when I want that would be great. It would help me to get just enough to supplement the meager rations payed out by Social Security Disability. I could even form an LLC for additional protection. Who knows.

I think driving for HopDrive would be better than trying to work for a supermarket doing stocking or one of the back-line jobs. I would be essentially self-employed without having to market myself or do any of the sales. Everything would be lined up for me. It’s worth investigating things further.

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